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Our Free Risk Assessment Tool
Breach Clarity Score™
Breach Clarity's algorithm deeply analyzes and assigns every publicly-reported data breach a Breach Clarity Score, most-often from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more severe. (In rare and extreme cases, the score can exceed 10.) Think of it as a "Richter Scale" for data breaches.
The Problem
Data breaches are happening with increasing regularity. Most individuals will experience two each year, and one-third will become victims of identity fraud. The risks posed by each data breach are different, yet consumers often receive one-size-fits-all advice.
Why Score Data Breaches?
The idea for the Breach Clarity Score came from one of the country's top experts in data breaches. He realized the public should be able to access the same analysis he used as an expert witness to discern data breach risks in the country's biggest data breach cases. Breach Clarity's artificial intelligence algorithm simulates that advanced, objective analysis, and is available to anyone as a free tool in the fight against identity fraud and cybercrime.
Our Patent-Pending Technology
Our proprietary algorithm analyzes more than 1,100 data points to assess the risks of a breach and advise recommended actions. New data points are continually added as Breach Clarity’s knowledge base expands.
Reading the Score
•   Indicates severity on 1-10 scale
•   Identifies your top risks
•   Shows what personal information was exposed
•   Recommends most effective actions protect yourself
Value We Bring to the Industry
Eva Velasquez
President and CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center
An intuitive risk score accompanied by essential action steps.
"The ITRC is honored to partner with Breach Clarity and provide more meaningful information to consumers and data breach victims.  The biggest challenge breach victims face is understanding the risks associated with a particular breach, and what steps they should take next.  Breach Clarity, powered by the ITRC’s data breach data, addresses this challenge by providing an intuitive risk score accompanied by essential action steps.  We are proud to be a part of a no-cost solution that brings much needed clarity to the victims of data breaches."
Tom Shaw, USAA
Former VP of Financial Crimes Management
Instills trust and confidence in your institution
“Breach Clarity will tell your customers exactly what actions they should take based on the risk level and the amount of their personal information exposed in a data breach in order to minimize their risk of identity theft and the associated financial and mental stress. It instills trust and confidence in your institution and shows you are serious in protecting their identity and financial well-being.”
Matt Macomber
Founder, TMG Solutions
Deepens customer relationships and simple to implement
“Increasingly, banks and credit unions are looking to be financial health stewards for their customers and provide services that enhance their financial well-being. Breach Clarity deepens the customer relationship by demystifying data breaches and providing personalized, actionable intelligence. It uses a proprietary system built from years of industry expertise, and even better – It’s simple to implement.”
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