Breach Clarity Wins Finovate 'Top Emerging Tech Company' Award
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This is a “particularly nasty breach,” says Jim Van Dyke, co-founder and CEO of Breach Clarity, a company that scores consumer risk of identity fraud and financial fraud caused by data breaches.   Read Full Article →
Princess Cruises and Holland America data hacks ‘create extraordinary levels of risk’—here’s what to do if you were affected
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been a test on multiple levels for banks’ technology departments. Chief information officers at several regional and community banks say their departments are doing the best…   Read Full Article →
Bank CIOs confront challenge of so many employees working at home
In an age of rampant cybercrime, there is growing concern about the massive amount of personal infor- mation stored electronically and the vulnerability that creates, says Jim Van Dyke, CEO and co-founder of Breach Clarity.   Read Full Article →
Five Questions to Ask Before Starting a Digital Transformation (pg. 7)
A ransomware attack, in and of itself, does not necessarily expose personal data. Typically, it means the victimized company can’t access its own data. However, it can also mean the company’s data is in the hands of the hackers and could be…   Read Full Article →
Experts On Finastra Security BreachNews
It’s no secret that the identity industry has gone through explosive growth. In the past 3 years, this market has grown from 230 companies to over 2,000. Now, we’re calling for the most colorful new companies to battle for…   Read Full Article →
2019 Startup Pitch of the Year
Simply enter the name (Anthem, Yahoo, etc.) of any publicly-reported data breach, and our dynamic patent-pending algorithm computes a 1-10 ID fraud risk rating, top identity-holder risks, and action steps (from…   Read Full Article →
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KNOW Identity Conference: 2019 Startup Pitch of the Year →
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