Sontiq announces the acquisition of Breach Clarity!
This 7-minute Finovate demo answer to "What is Breach Clarity, and How Does it Work?"
October 9, 2019

We were in NYC among the Finovate industry lineup of over 70 technology companies, to demo Breach Clarity to the audience of financial industry technology buyers. This brief demo shows what's in the works for the near future.

This session had significant personal meaning for me, because I worked with Finovate's founder Jim Bruene when he was a 1-FTE person shop back in the mid-90s! I was a digital banking product manager working for a credit union core platform provider, and he was writing for the Online Banking Report (which spawned Finovate). What a journey, to be demoing a new fintech capability at this excellent even he and his partner created.

American Banker named our presentation one of the top six in this article, but we're more interested in what you think!

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