Choice Health Data Breach Receives Breach Clarity’s Highest Risk Score of ‘10'
Avast's Jumpshot Demonstrates Why the Identity Protection Industry isn't Trusted
January 31, 2020

In case you missed it, anti-malware vendor Avast just shuttered its Jumpshot subsidiary, after allegations of selling customers' web browsing data. In other words, as part of the package of of the company's promise to secure identity-holders' data, it also profited by making it more available to others. While the company denies this, their sudden response to criticism seems damning.

If we're honest, the overall consumer identity protection business has significant reputation and trust issues. While some of this has been earned (for instance, the CFPB's first action was to impose fines of unethical marketing of ID protection services) this skepticism is also unfortunate because consumers are prevented from using some services that might otherwise protect them from identity fraud or other misuse.

Breach Clarity believes that the Golden Rule can and must be applied throughout the consumer-facing ID protection and fraud management industry. When there's a question about how our algorithm or features will determine the Breach Score, top identity risks, or recommended actions, we ask ourselves "what would we want our systems to tell us (or in the future, actually do for us), if they were determine how our own finances were being protected?" With four data breaches occurring in the typical US day that enable $10-20B in US fraud each year, we believe that profit should be earned by putting the financial squeeze only on identity criminals, rather than trying to surrepticiously wring profit from those who use or license our products.

Even though we are a B2B company, Breach Clarity will always give primary consideration to consumer financial health–as if our own financial identities were the sole beneficiaries–and we believe that everyone (except cybercriminals and shady companies of course) will have ample opportunity to share in the gains as a result. So maybe in contrast to the 'pirates' out there, Breach Clarity is setting out to be a bit like Robin Hood–except we’re stealing from the bad guys to help the identity-holders, and in so doing creating even more goodness for everyone who makes it happen.

Our hope is that identity holders increasingly trust us –and our business clients who license our technology–to always act in their best interest,. After all, amidst a cacophony of breaches, fraud threats, and solutions being pitched at Identity-holders, it's just too hard for people to figure out how to keep their data away from identity criminals.

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