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This Credit Union is Addressing Members' Pressing Security Concerns with Personalized Data Breach Intelligence
Jim Van Dyke and Carey Price on CU Broadcast
January 6, 2021

When BCU wanted to fully understand the areas of pain the pandemic was creating for its members, it conducted an "empathy mapping" exercise. The resulting persona of the "stressed out member" that emerged revealed deep concerns about online security, as the pandemic dramatically heightened the universe of digital transactions. So, what could a credit union do about this? A lot, actually.

BCU's Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy and Delivery Carey Price and Breach Clarity's Jim Van Dyke spoke with CU Broadcast about how Breach Clarity is enabling BCU to deliver highly personalized data breach intelligence to its members. Armed with information about the unique and specific risks they face, members are empowered to enable protective controls on their accounts and take effective action.

Watch the full interview below.

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