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How Victims Should Respond to the Widespread Blackbaud Data Breach
September 14, 2020
Update 9/25/20: More than 200 organizations have been impacted.

A ransomware attack against software provider Blackbaud resulted in cybercriminals stealing data belonging to a large number of Blackbaud’s clients. With 136 organizations breached - and counting - this may be one of the most widespread third-party data compromises we've seen.

Because different information was compromised at each client organization, each breach must be responded to individually. In this short video, we explain how victims can use Breach Clarity to understand the unique increased risks of identity theft, scams, and fraud they face –and which specific actions they should take to protect themselves.

Key points:

  • Companies often use language indicating that they are unaware that data from the breach has been misused. This is the wrong message to send! This minimizes the risks, and the reality is, they have no way of knowing what may be happening with people's personal information.

  • Encouraging people to "contact law enforcement" if they notice illegal activity is not helpful advice.
  • Breach Clarity is aware of at least 136 organizations impacted by the Blackbaud breach. Different identity credentials were exposed in each breach, meaning the potential risks are different for the people impacted at each organization.
  • By using our free tool at, victims can search for specific organizations affected to learn which data was exposed, what risks this creates, and the top recommended actions they should take to protect against fraud.
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