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Victims of Choice Health Data Breach Face Severe Risk, Data Breach Receives Breach Clarity’s Highest Risk Score of ‘10’
June 29, 2020
Algorithm Predicts Threats Including Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions and Loans

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – (June 29, 2020) – The data breach reported on June 23 by Choice Health Management Services received a Breach Clarity Score of 10, the highest level of risk assessed by the company’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm, which analyzes and scores data breach risks based on more than 1,100 factors.

Choice Health Management Services, LLC 10 Breach Clarity

The greatest potential risks to victims include fraudulent credit card transactions, loans, and financial accounts, along with medical identity theft. This lesser-known form of identity theft involves someone using another person’s personal information for things such as seeing a doctor, obtaining a prescription, or filing a false insurance claim.

“Unfortunately for consumers, healthcare data breaches often have the most serious and long-lasting consequences because of the nature of the data that’s exposed,” said Breach Clarity CEO Jim Van Dyke, a data breach expert who has provided testimony in the country’s most significant data breach court cases.

“What’s particularly concerning in this case is that months passed between the date of the actual breach in 2019 and the notification. There will always be cases of delayed reporting, and legitimate reasons for why this happens. But still, the reality for victims is that criminals have had more time to misuse their information. They should take protective action immediately,” Van Dyke said.

Key actions that Breach Clarity recommends for victims of the Choice Health breach include:

• Setting up two-factor authentication at their financial institutions

• Creating account activity alerts at their financial institutions

• Locking or freezing their credit reports

• Reviewing records with the Medical Insurance Bureau for suspicious activity

The breach’s score of 10 stems from the types of personal data that were compromised, which include protected health information and medical records, driver’s license numbers, credit card information, financial account information, date of birth, employer information, and health insurance account numbers. The list of exposed information, along with the top risks and recommended action steps are available by searching a breached organization’s name (in this instance, “Choice Health”) in the search bar on the home page of

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