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Were You Notified About the Chowbus Data Breach .... By the Cybercriminal?
October 19, 2020

Like many Americans, you may have found food delivery to be a convenient option during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this also may mean that you were impacted by a recent data breach affecting food-delivery service Chowbus.

The breach affected 4,300 participating restaurants, exposing more than 800,000 customer records. While the information exposed in the breach is not particularly sensitive, earning a Breach Clarity Score of 2, this breach caught our attention for another reason: the actor behind the breach has been actively contacting victims, sending links to Chowbus customers containing links where the information could be downloaded.

Typically, cybercriminals are more than happy to work quietly underground to exploit your personal information, but this case is different. In this short video, Breach Clarity co-founder and COO Al Pascual addresses why cybercriminals sometimes "go public," and what you should do if you're a victim of this breach.

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