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Healthcare Data Breaches in 2020 = Vaccine Scams in 2021
Al Pascual Breach Clarity
January 28, 2021

At Breach Clarity, we’re always looking at what may lay ahead in the data breach landscape. Something that’s not hard to predict ... the healthcare industry will remain a prime target, and cybercriminals will exploit the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

In fact, that’s not really even a prediction. It’s already happening. In the UK, hackers have breached healthcare organizations and are using the personal data to execute phishing scams.

More than 28 million Americans were affected by a healthcare data breach in 2020, and that means cybercriminals are equipped with a lot of personal information that can be used execute scams related to the coronavirus vaccine rollout. With greater access to personal data, the scams become increasingly personalized and convincing.

Watch the video below to hear Breach Clarity co-founder and financial crime expert Al Pascual discuss how the combination of healthcare data breaches and fear make a ripe environment for financial fraud, and what consumers can do.

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