Sontiq announces the acquisition of Breach Clarity!
3 Things Your Financial Institution Needs to Know about Our Newly Announced Collab with Sontiq
November 19, 2020

On Tuesday, we announced an industry-exclusive partnership with best-in-class Intelligent Identity Security provider, Sontiq. With an entire ecosystem of innovative tech  and high-touch identity theft protection  and recovery solutions and services, Sontiq absolutely gets it when it comes to the category-breaking approach Breach Clarity has developed for the financial institution marketplace.

While the integration of Breach Clarity with Sontiq offers several important takeaways for credit unions and banks, I’ll highlight just three. (The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, your to-do list is calling. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet.)

Addressing Customers’ Top Financial Concern during COVID-19

Our team talked with hundreds of financial institution leaders in 2020. Without fail, each shared how focused they are on maintaining relevancy amid rapidly changing consumer expectations. Although no one knows exactly what the future holds, without question, digital disruptors are threatening the traditional banking business model.

At the same time, consumer trust in traditional financial institutions is high. So are security concerns as cybercriminals capitalize on new vulnerabilities. Creating new and meaningful ways to engage your customers and members around their security concerns is critical.

Here is how the Breach Clarity + Sontiq platform provides exactly that.

Breach Clarity’s partnership with Sontiq means you have a full-spectrum solution for alerting people when any of their personal data is found on the dark web. Not just card data or PIN numbers… but a medical ID, a social media password, that AOL email address they forgot they owned.

With Sontiq and Breach Clarity working together – and talking directly to your fanbase through your mobile app – customers and members know exactly what was compromised and how. And here’s the best part, they know precisely what to do about it. If necessary, they can even talk to a resolution expert who can help them fix and recover from the potential fraud incident. That’s because the platform enables effective, hyper-personalized next steps… often just a click away, while also marrying the comprehensive security and privacy capabilities of an identity theft protection service.

Delivering Actionable Self-Service So Call Volume Doesn’t Spike

Following national data breaches, your contact center is likely inundated. We’ve heard nightmarish stories from banks and credit union call center leaders who barely survived the Equifax breach. Customers and members are really scared when they don’t fully understand how they might be affected.

With the marriage of our two platforms, your base finds out for themselves (and better yet, from you, an organization they trust) if they've been personally impacted by a data breach or security incident, and importantly, what their individual risk looks like based on exactly which of their private data was exposed.

Best part – this happens right through your digital banking app. So, throughout this process, customers are engaging with your brand, getting the reassurance they need from your financial institution, and all without overtaxing your customer support staff.

Improving Digital Banking and Mobile App Engagement

No other identity theft protection or recovery service today directly connects to consumers through their trusted credit union or bank’s digital banking platform. Sontiq + Breach Clarity are the first to finally bridge this critical gap. Through elegant APIs and the developer support you need to fully leverage the architecture, we seamlessly connect your members and customers to the hyper-personalized identity protection info and action steps they need. The technology alerts victims immediately upon finding their data on dark web. And, it directs them right to the fraud and security solutions in which you’ve already invested so much.

You’ve built it. Let us make it easier for them to come.

We are beyond thrilled to bring a truly sophisticated and effective platform to the financial services marketplace alongside such a well-respected leader in the identity protection space. We’d love to walk you through the details. Please give us a shout for more information!

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