The Intelligent (and Easy!) Way to Understand Data Breaches

Breach Clarity assigns every publicly-reported data breach a simple score that most-often ranges from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more severe. (In rare and extreme cases, the score can exceed 10.) Think of it as a Richter Scale for data breaches.

Why Score Data Breaches?

As Breach Clarity co-founder Jim Van Dyke was serving as an expert witness in the country’s most significant data breach court cases, he saw the potentially devastating impact of these incidents on consumers, institutions, and law enforcement.  He began to wonder,
“How could the same critical courtroom analysis be made available to every consumer and industry professional, in a way that is clear and simple to act on?”

Jim found the answer in a machine learning algorithm. Built to perform a consistent, objective and advanced analysis of every publicly-reported data breach, the algorithm gives anyone who searches a specific breach a score and distinct list of recommended action steps. 

In the face of an annual $20 billion* identity fraud problem, the goal is to arm consumers, industry leaders, and policymakers with real, incident-specific answers. 

No hype, no assumptions, just facts and advice in the face of data-driven risks.

The Breach Clarity Score is an important new tool in the fight against identity fraud and cyber crime. It is freely accessible to all consumers at any time. 

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*Breach Clarity estimate based on typical publicly available annual consumer identity fraud figures and spending on protection services. If the cost of time as well as commercial and government spending were considered, this cost would be many times higher.


How it Works

Breach Clarity’s patent-pending algorithm analyzes 1000+ data points to assess the risks of a breach and advise recommend actions. New data points are added as Breach Clarity’s proprietary research and knowledge base expands. 

Scoring data breaches in this way is a new, intelligent approach to understanding the risk. The algorithm is unique and highly effective because its informed by these factors: 

  • Breach Clarity Co-Founder Jim Van Dyke’s work as an expert witness on the country’s most significant data breach cases.
  • Ongoing input from numerous fraud and security executives and other industry influencers.
  • Current data from objective breach and fraud studies.
  • Data maintained by the Identify Theft Resource Center (ITRC), one of the most robust listings of public-reported data breaches, updated daily. 

Breach Clarity’s living, breathing algorithm is updated as fraud behavior and patterns evolve. In the future, its most advanced outputs will be available through partnerships with financial services clients.


Turn Information into Action

Data breaches are happening with increasing regularity. Each year:

  • Individuals are often the victim of two data breaches each year 
  • One-third of known breach victims experience identity fraud. 
  • Consumers spend $4 billion per year on identity protection services that may not protect them because there hasn’t been an accurate assessment of their risk. It’s like taking medicine before diagnosing the illness. 

Each breach is different. Because the type of data exposed is unique to every breach, each breach has its own risk profile and requires different mitigation steps. Until now, this custom risk profile and prescriptive recommendations have not been available. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Yet, that is what consumers and industry leaders are offered. General advice, such as credit monitoring or freezing credit, doesn’t cut it in today’s dynamic cybercrime environment. And – depending on who is offering the advice – it may be more about selling a product than actually creating stronger or cost-effective protection from identity theft. 

It’s no wonder consumers feel confused, overwhelmed and helpless.

Breach Clarity is an objective party that consumers can trust. We continually scan for threats and research effective protection steps. Our Breach Clarity Score is free to consumers and offers a methodical, unbiased analysis of real risk. Within seconds of searching a data breach, a consumer better understands the risk and exactly what to do about it. 

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