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American Blue Ribbon Holdings (2016) We Calculated the American Blue Ribbon Holdings Breach Clarity Score using our patent-pending algorithm. The results are based on an analysis of 1,000+ data points. Each Breach Clarity Score is packaged with a set of most-likely risks and action steps based on the specific data breach searched. Each data breach is different in terms of the amount and type of data compromised, which means each carries a unique risk profile. Breach Clarity recommends the most important actions you should take for this particular data breach.

Existing financial acct. (not credit card) Existing credit card account Up to 9 more fraud or privacy risks
Breach Clarity Score: Breach Clarity's algorithms dynamically compute a high-level simplified estimated risk rating for all publicly-reported US data breaches. (We currently have the last 29 months of breaches in the database maintained by the ITRC, with more being added daily). Estimated risk scores are based on how impactful the 'likely exposed ID records' are projected to be on 11 possible categories of identity crimes (such as the top two risks calculated and displayed for this breach below). Breach Clarity's algorithm design and values are based on our ongoing research of fraud mitigation professionals and practices.
out of 10
Top Risks:
Existing financial acct. (not credit card) ID criminal misuse of financial accounts other than credit cards–perhaps through debit cards, checks, Internet payments, or brokerage accounts–is less common than for credit cards, but losses are also higher on average.
Existing credit card account Misuse of an existing credit card is both the most common form of identity fraud and generally the least costly. While credit card companies’ policies generally cover all losses, the average victim can suffer out-of-pocket losses if not detected and reported promptly.
Up to 9 more fraud or privacy risks Breach Clarity is capable of computing up to 10 total identity risks, including Existing credit card account, Existing financial acct. (not credit card), Phone or utilities, Medical ID theft, Government documents/benefits, New financial deposit account, New financial credit account, Tax refund identity theft, Employment or wage-related, Evading the law, and Other existing account misuse
  • Debit card code
  • Name
  • Debit cardholder name
  • Debit card # full
  • Credit card # full
  • Debit card expiry date
  • Credit card code
  • Credit card expiry date
  • Credit cardholder name
9 of 9 likely exposed records listed

Prioritize These Actions:

Determine whether you need a replacement card If your bank or credit union already contacted you about the breach, they may have sent you a replacement card. Otherwise, review your security features, like alerts and card controls, which can reduce your risk without the same inconvenience as fully replacing the potentially compromised card. If fraud occurs on the card or you have significant concerns about fraud risk, you may want to contact your financial institution about having a replacement card sent to you.
Setup account activity alerts While everyone should consider receiving mobile or other text alerts as a way to detect possible fraudulent activity, it’s even more important after a breach. Plan on needing to adjust these a few times to strike the right balance, so you neither ignore them nor fail to get enough to stop a potential criminal before fraudulent charges start to add up in a hurry.
Monitor account activity While you should always monitor your account activity, this is even more important after a data breach makes fraud within your existing accounts more likely. While financial or other providers generally offer this for free, a few commercial providers also include methods that may consolidate this into a single service for you.
  • 10+ additional action steps
  • 2-9 additional risks
  • Integrate multiple breaches
  • Integrate breach-finding and dark web monitoring
  • More financial tools and service integrations
  • Recommended commercial protection service features