Breach Clarity was established in the innovation capital of the world -- the San Francisco Bay area.


Fighting Breach Risk with Clarity and Action


Each time identity security expert Jim Van Dyke finished his work on a data breach lawsuit, he couldn’t shake the feeling there was even greater use for his research. An expert witness in high-profile legal cases, Jim developed an algorithm to assist him in offering detailed, unbiased breach to lawyers, judges and juries.

But, Jim wondered, wouldn’t everyone benefit from access to this kind of information?

To prove the hypothesis, Jim and his long-time colleague Al Pascual launched, a free resource that has since been cited by numerous industry leaders and journalists.

Accessible to everyone, the free tool offers consumers clarity around the severity and risks associated with every publicly reported data breach in the U.S. Each breach receives a Breach Clarity Score from 1 to 10 based on how the proprietary, machine learning algorithm analyzes the incident across 1,000 elements.

Jim, Al and the Breach Clarity team quickly expanded the algorithm’s reach even farther by creating special products for the enterprise. Breach Clarity Premium for Financial Services, for example, solves several of the most common problems faced by consumers and their banks, credit unions, card issuers and other financial providers after a public data breach heightens the risk of identity fraud.

Cyberattacks on personal data have left many people feeling helpless and even panicked. Through some of today’s most exciting technologies, Jim, Al and the rest of the San Francisco-based team are changing that, empowering people to fight back with clarity and effective action.


Breach Clarity Founders


Jim Van Dyke, Co-Founder and CEO of Breach Clarity

Jim Van Dyke
Co-Founder and CEO | Breach Clarity

Jim serves as an expert witness in many of the nation’s largest data breaches. He has provided expertise in some of the most significant U.S. cases, including Anthem, Equifax and Yahoo. Jim founded Breach Clarity out of a passion to more authentically and effectively improve consumer financial health and well-being.

Previously, Jim founded Javelin Strategy & Research and served as its CEO for 12 years. He was also a product manager for a variety of fintech solutions, including digital banking, encryption, secure internet messaging and digital commerce.

Jim serves as a board member for the Identity Theft Resource Center, and is a former board member of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).


Al Pascual, Co-Founder and COO of Breach Clarity

Al Pascual
Co-Founder and COO | Breach Clarity

Al is a recognized expert in financial crime, having devoted the bulk of his career to the fight against fraud. Al’s insights on the effects of identity theft and fraud have been published by hundreds of publications and shared with attendees at industry events around the world.

He most recently served as head of fraud and security for Javelin Strategy & Research, where he directed the company’s oft-cited research and analysis on consumer identity theft trends. Prior to Javelin, Al led investigations into cases of organized payment fraud at FIS, where his work resulted in the arrests of more than 400 accused fraudsters across the country.

During the mid-to-late 2000’s, he served in fraud roles at HSBC and Goldman Sachs, where he worked to tackle rampant mortgage fraud plaguing the real estate boom. Over the years, Al has actively participated in several fraud-oriented industry associations and government-sponsored working groups on fraud.