Our Story

We exist to provide consumers and financial institutions with clear, trustworthy guidance around the risk of every single publicly reported U.S. data breach, creating more financial protection and safety for everyone.

Breach Clarity wasn’t started with a goal of creating a product or making money. It was created out of a need for stronger consumer financial health and safety recognized by consumer protection researcher Jim Van Dyke. His unique vantage point as an expert courtroom witness in the nation’s most significant data breach cases led to the creation of Breach Clarity and its proprietary machine learning algorithms

With Jim’s background in research, analysis and financial technology, he is frequently called on by attorneys to deeply analyze the impacts of major data breaches and provide consultation and expert testimony about: 

How great is the threat of the breach?

What specific identity theft risks did the breach cause?  

What actions should be taken by or on behalf of consumers, to protect against losses? 

Jim’s testimony must withstand rigorous courtroom scrutiny. To ensure objectivity, consistency and credibility, he developed a proprietary algorithm that married Jim’s expertise with the methodical analysis of vast amounts of information without bias. 

Jim recognized the far-reaching benefits of the algorithm he created beyond the courtroom. To deliver the same expert insights in a highly consumable fashion, Jim co-founded Breach Clarity with well-known identity fraud expert Al Pascual. The two researchers are working together to consult with and develop solutions for consumers and their financial institutions to better understand the personalized risk of every reported data breach in the U.S.


A Tool for Clarity, Confidence and Direction

When it comes to data breaches, many consumers feel helpless. Nearly four breaches occur every day, and each one carries different risks based on what was compromised. It’s hard to know what to do when even the experts can’t agree. Common, blanket advice may not be helpful. Worse, it may provide false peace of mind against threats. 

The Breach Clarity Score is a free tool designed to help consumers more clearly understand data breach risk and take the most beneficial action. Our recommendations aren’t designed to spark fear or sell products. In fact, the vast majority of our recommendations are completely free. 

The Breach Clarity algorithm objectively analyzes 1000+ data points for every single breach you search. The recommended action steps are unbiased, built on an honest commitment to always put the best interest of individuals first.