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Breach Clarity PremiumNOW
Provide your customers with Premium’s insights around their personal data breach risks in a co- branded microsite that reinforces customer trust and brand value.
Provide your customers with Premium’s insights around their personal data breach risks in a co- branded microsite that reinforces customer trust and brand value.
Ron Shevlin
Managing Director of Fintech Research, Cornerstone Advisors
& Senior Contributor, Forbes
“For banks, it’s more than just doing some nice for their customers—it’s an opportunity to reduce costs for: Fraud – Banks spend roughly $40 billion in fraud. Driving more consumers to adopt two-factor authentication and other actions that prevent identity theft, banks should see a reduction in that expense. Customer support – Not included in that $40 billion estimate is the cost of supporting consumers who are fraud victims of fraud. One out of every two breach victims has called their bank’s call center for support.”
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Fast deploying, web-based solution

No system integration requirements and a short set-up means you can quickly begin delivering valuable breach information to your customers.

Reduce call center volume

Proactively providing customers with expert insights about data breaches calms fears and digital resources ease burdens on contact centers following data breach news.

Breach Clarity Score™

Breach Clarity's algorithm deeply analyzes and assigns every publicly-reported data breach a Breach Clarity Score, most-often from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more severe. (In rare and extreme cases, the score can exceed 10.) Think of it as a "Richter Scale" for data breaches.

Detailed and personal insights

Build your customers’ personal breach histories, identify their specific risks and engage them to take protective actions.

Incorporate marketing and cross-sell offers

Embedded throughout the microsite are opportunities to communicate with customers around additional relevant product offerings.

Provide ongoing value

Automatically notify customers when their personal information has been compromised in a data breach and offer knowledgeable guidance. Fuel sticky engagement with breach search tool any time a data breach makes the news.

Value We Bring to the Industry
Ben Wallach
Cyber & Fraud Senior Advisor
Quantifying the implications of each data breach
“One hundred years ago, beyond feeling the ground shake, there was no way to quantify the impact of an earthquake. One hundred years from now they will be saying the same thing about data breaches. Breach Clarity is quantifying the implications of a breach, the implications of one or more breaches on an individual, and prescribing precise actions that should be taken. This goes far beyond the universal action of today which is to purchase credit monitoring for the victims.”
Tom Shaw, USAA
Former VP of Financial Crimes Management
Instills trust and confidence in your institution
“Breach Clarity will tell your customers exactly what actions they should take based on the risk level and the amount of their personal information exposed in a data breach in order to minimize their risk of identity theft and the associated financial and mental stress. It instills trust and confidence in your institution and shows you are serious in protecting their identity and financial well-being.”
Matt Macomber
Founder, TMG Solutions
Deepens customer relationships and simple to implement
“Increasingly, banks and credit unions are looking to be financial health stewards for their customers and provide services that enhance their financial well-being. Breach Clarity deepens the customer relationship by demystifying data breaches and providing personalized, actionable intelligence. It uses a proprietary system built from years of industry expertise, and even better – It’s simple to implement.”
Sample Use Cases
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Quickly and Proactively Protect Customers from Identity Thieves

Implement powerful tools that protect and inform your customers with a deployment that’s fast and simple.

Quickly begin engaging customers around their personalized data breach and fraud risks.
BC PremiumNOW
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